The importance of the Stopcock in your Reading Home

Do you know where your stopcock is located in your Reading home? Many of our customers in Rading are unaware where the stopcock is located in an emergency situation.

It’s is imperative you know where the stopcock can be found, especially in an plumbing emergency. In most homes in Reading, the stopcock can be found under the kitchen sink or in the bathroom. Stopcocks are used for turning off and on your water supply. Stopcocks work in a similar way to taps, they simply supply water to your pipes in your home. Stopcock are rarely used, so therefore they can become seized or very hard to turn off.

If the stopcock has seized, you may have to use an adjustable wrench or another suitable tool in order to gain extra leverage. Do not use to much force when trying to turn the stopcock handle, too much force could snap the handle. If the stopcock still won’t turn off, spray suitable lubricant down the shaft and try again. Gently turn the stopcock tap back and forth, from clockwise to anticlockwise. If all still fails, for example, there is another stopcock, normally homes in Reading have another stopcock at the front of your house, on the pavement, there should be an iron lid. You will need a stopcock key too shut off the water supply. No stop cock key to hand? As a last resort, it may be necessary to contact an emergency plumber in Rading. Professional plumbers will normally be equipped for an emergency situation like this.

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