Whether you have a heating problem or you need help with your drains, sink or boiler. At Andrews plumbing and Heating we offer a fast and high quality plumbing service around Reading. No job is too small, medium or too large. Our teams of plumbers in Reading will quickly fix any plumbing repairs. If you have problems with leaking taps, or air traps in the radiator or a burst pipe, we can carry out the works immediately. We also carry out non emergencies. Call us, and we’ll be there in next to no time.

Heating plumbing service around Reading

Prepare For Winter!

With winter fast approaching it is sensible to have a plan if the worst should happen. Here’s what you should I do, if there is a leak or a burst water pipe? A burst pipe can be a nightmare, especially when water is pouring through the ceiling and you can’t find an emergency plumber. Don’t panic. Find your stop valve. In many of the older properties the stop cock is sometimes located beneath the sink or bathroom. Turning off the water, turn the stop valve clockwise tightly shut.

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