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Are you experiencing a problem with your old boiler in Reading or Newbury, don’t panic, stay calm. We offer a 7 day week emergency boiler, maintenance and repair service in Reading or Newbury. We also carry emergency boiler repairs.

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Why you Should Service you Boiler at Regular Intervals?

All central heating systems and boilers should be serviced at least ones a year by a reputable qualified plumber or engineer. Regular servicing will ensure best performance and minimising any major break downs. Most boilers manufactures stipulate the boiler should be serviced every 12 months and in many cases, failing to maintain and service your boiler, can invalidate its warranty.

Some of the Boiler Problems our Emergency Plumbers have to deal with in Reading

No water or heat? Check the pilot light, this is one of the most common problems boilers fail. Air locks are another problem that can accrue with a boiler. Check the thermostat, it should be set correctly. Check the pilot light, the pilot light should burning blue in gas boilers. In many cases the breakdown of a boiler can sometimes be a simple problem and be resolved quickly. If you have a problem with your boiler, give our plumber a call. Our friendly emergency plumber in Reading and Newbury are here to help.

The Immersion Heater, are they Dated?

The majority of people in Reading and Newbury seem to frown on the thought of using an immersion heater as a means of heating water, mainly because they think it is dated and expensive to run. But other people in reading or Newbury would say, if used wisely with a well-insulated and lagged, storage cylinder, think it’s an economical way of providing a hot water supply in the home. It is also an ideal Lack-up system, particularly in the summer months when you may not want to go to the trouble, say of lighting a solid fuel back boiler to get hot “water. An immersion heater fits into a special tapping usually provided in the cylinder although you can cut Your own access Point, For the utmost economy. Fot more infomation on boiler repair services in Reading and Newbury, call our plumber today.

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