Emergency Plumber Woodley

Emergency Plumber Woodley

Emergency Plumber Woodley

We are a premier emergency plumbers in Woodley and Reading.

Our Woodley Emergency plumbers take pride in all plumbing jobs they do, and provide an excellent customer service. Should you have a plumbing problem in Woodley, our plumber can fix it fast. From burst pipes, tap leaks, tap replacment, blocked sinks, blocked toilets boiler repairs and servicing. Below, are some of the services we offer in Woodley, and tips on dealing with plumbing and emergencies.

Finding your Stopcock in your Woodley Home in an emergency.

Emergency Plumber WoodleyFinding an emergency plumber in Woodley can sometimes be hard to do. If you’re unfortunate enough to have flood due to a burst pipe, the first thing you should do is turn your stopcock off. The stopcock is usually found under the sink, but in older homes in Woodley, they can be found in the bathroom or cellar. The next thing you should do is call an local emergency plumber from Woodley.

What if I cant turn off the stopcock?

Ok, sometimes you cant find a Woodley plumber in an emergency. What to do. The stopcock will become stiff or they may completely seize. Stopcocks usally seize due to lack of use and insufficient maintenance. Apply suitable lube or oil down the stem of the stopcock, then gentley turn the stopcock handle both ways until its free. It sometimes can be a good idea to ask your Woodley plumber to turn your stopcock on and off each time he comes to service your boiler, this will help stop the stopcock from seizing up in the future.

Unblocking the Sink with the Plumbers Friend.

Un-able to get hold an emergency plumber in Woodley? give us a call, we are here to help. If water from a sink or basin fails Is to drain away normally, then it’s pretty obvious you have a blocked sink or basin. The best tool to use in order to unblock a sink is the “Plumbers Friend” The plumbers friend has a rubber bellow and wooden handle, the bellow forces air down the plughole pushing out blocked food particle. if you need hep with a blocked sink, call our woodley plumber for free advice or service.

plumbers friend or plungers are sold at Srewfix in Woodley. Unit 23 Headley Park, 10 Headley Rd East, Woodley, Reading, RG5 4SW

Unblocking the Toilet with out using an emergency plumber in Woodley.

You do not have to be a Woodley plumber to unblock a toilet. If the water in the toilet pan rises when you flush it, it is clear there is a blockage in the pan pipe or trap. There are one or two things you can do, one, call a local plumber from Woodley or two, hire a toilet plunger from B&A in Woodley. Position the toilet plunger into the bend and pump the plunger 10 times, if the water level drops within the toilet pan, this is an indication the blockage has cleared. For more help in unblocking a toilet, call our Woodley plumber. We also deal with non-emergencies.

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